Head of Capacity and Talent Acquisition Office at ELEKS

6+ years of recruiting experience, 4+ years of leadership role. Currently Head of Capacity and Talent Acquisition Office at ELEKS, responsible for strategic resourcing and management of sourcing, selection, and hiring strategies.

Passionate about IT and recruitment, with a solid practical experience and knowledge, able to find the brightest talents and meet expectations of the most demanding clients, successful manager who can build a real team, inspire and lead people to a common goal.

I believe everything is possible – you just need to be persistent and have faith in yourself. So don’t be afraid to dream and get ready to act!
Happy to share my experience with you and have a productive discussion.

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Тема доповіді: Cучасні тренди ринку ATS

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  • Main requirements for the ATS of the current market
  • Modern ATS modules & features
  • How to choose the right ATS for your company
  • Future of the ATS
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